Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bear Mountain On Its Way to Audubon Certification

This past summer I have had the opportunity to work with Bear Mountain Superintendent Darren Burns and his staff on a couple of occasions, helping them with some cultural practices that were required. I have also had the opportunity to help them with the process of certification in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses. Read my latest article on their progress towards designation as an Audubon Sanctuary at

Superintendents Properly Trained For Pesticide Use

There is certainly a lot of talk these days among the general public about the use of pesticides in society. In my opinion the use of pesticides for homeowners should not be allowed to occur. Many homeowners who apply pesticides do not have the proper training required to use these potentially dangerous products in a safe manner.

I do believe that professionals who are trained in the safe use of pesticides should be allowed to use these products as they see fit. Golf Course Superintendents and many golf course workers are licensed pesticide applicators who have proven they have the knowledge to use pesticide products in a safe and controlled manner.

Read my article from Inside Golf magazine regarding the fact that Superintendents are properly trained individuals who have been licensed within their province to apply pesticides. The article can be accessed at